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We offer all the accessories you need for that special day. No matter what type of event you are hosting, rest assured, we have the product to fit your need. 

Select Bridal Shower Party Favors and Personalized Paper Cocktail Napkins

Selecting Bridal Shower Party Favors is quite a daunting task. You have to keep in mind many criteria while choosing the party favor which goes for every age group. Like how can you find something that can be enjoyed by the entire gathering of guests, age ranging from as small as 10 years or as old as 101 years? Bridal Shower Party Favors are the specific party favors and you should select them accordingly. Don’t worry about what everyone thinks individually but select those which work with the wedding theme. This souvenir is one of the major landmark leading up to this big day of your future married life.




The party favor for the events like bridal shower can be simple. For example tin made cookies cutters can be an option. You can put some chocolates or mints and wrap that tin in tulle with the matching dress of bridesmaids. There is another idea of giving picture frame that doubles as a place setting marker at the table. You should sort out the ideas which suit the season of the wedding. If you are having a spring wedding, through a gardening shower, a small flower pot made of terra cotta is a good idea. You can stick some moss or raffia on the bottom. A small garden tool with a packet of seeds can go with this party favor.




The cocktail napkin is usually mistaken as the beverage napkin. In fact, the cocktail napkin is a whole different thing. Personalized Paper Cocktail Napkins are something different than a usual paper napkin. It is a 1 ply semi-crepe paper napkin. This is generally lowest cost option when it comes to shopping a paper napkin. Personalized Paper Cocktail Napkins are the best choice for parties, wedding, holidays, or any other event where printed napkins are required.


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